The Rings of Power may have revealed the sword that defeated Sauron.

News summary The Rings of Power introduced Númenor in occasion 3 with Galadriel and Halbrand being taken aboard a boat captained by Elendil. In episode of The Rings of Power, Galadriel sees a secret from Míriel, which turns out to be a Palantir/Seer Stone. When Galadriel is led to Palantir, the house-elf offers a sword … Read more

Lea Michele makes TikTok about that wild reading conspiracy proposition.

Have you ever heard of the conspiracy proposition about the former’ gaiety’ star? Let us fill it out for you in case you haven’t already. Can Lea Michele read? We do not know about you, but it’s a question we have frequently asked ourselves. While on a hiatus from her’ Funny Girl’ stint on Broadway, … Read more

1.The story behind Arrow’s Specter of the Gun episode.

Specter of the Gun was quite a controversial episode for Arrow. The superhero drama has decided to move away from its usual comic-inspired themes to tackle a real-world problem: gun violence. Episode 13 of the fifth season showed a gunman attacking the city hall and killing seven people. It was later revealed that this individual … Read more