The pearl scene that scared Mia Goth in .

In a September 2022 interview with Bloody Disgusting, director andco-writer Ti West explained why he decided to use the extended harangue as the film’s climax rather than commodity more action- packed. West said,” Well, the thing is always to take a fairly flashy, grabby movie and have the climax be commodity not that. The climax … Read more

Lea Michele makes TikTok about that wild reading conspiracy proposition.

Have you ever heard of the conspiracy proposition about the former’ gaiety’ star? Let us fill it out for you in case you haven’t already. Can Lea Michele read? We do not know about you, but it’s a question we have frequently asked ourselves. While on a hiatus from her’ Funny Girl’ stint on Broadway, … Read more

Kanye West terminates cooperation with Gap after months of complaining on social media

The rapper and fashion mogul will apparently pursue his future endeavors independently. The deal between West and Gap was initially announced as a partnership to develop a clothing collection under the Yeezy Gap brand. On Thursday, West’s attorneys sent a letter to Gap notifying the company that Yeezy LLC would terminate the agreement. According to … Read more